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Convergence 2018 Details Coming Soon

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The New Business of Healthcare is Convergence


Government initiatives, outcomes-based payment models, and provider consolidation have created a very deep and complicated challenge with explosive opportunities for innovation, collaboration and leadership. The writing is on the wall: the next evolution in the healthcare sector is Convergence – the coming together of stakeholders to provide a better health service for the populations they serve.

In October 2017 we hosted the first ever Chilmark Research conference on this theme, recruiting key thought leaders at the front lines of implementing these strategies to share their lessons learned. Building off the success of the 2017 edition, the 2018 Convergence Conference will continue to focus on sharing tangible examples of Convergence in action and impactful takeaways that can help inform your own strategy.

Below are two highlights from the 2017 conference. On the left, a keynote delivered by Dr. John Bulger, DO, Chief Medical Officer for both the Geisinger Health System and Health Plan, discusses some of the ways Geisinger is incorporating payer data into care delivery, helping them pinpoint specific areas where they can make the greatest health impact with the population they serve. On the right is an all-star cast of industry leaders sharing unique insights from their own experiences navigating the healthcare system, and how they see convergence strategies being able to improve that process.

To see more videos from last year's event, please follow this link.

"Chilmark has a knack for pinpointing emerging market trends and pulling together evidence, data, and best practice examples to educate the market on them. Their inaugural conference on Payer/Provider Convergence did exactly that and provided great case studies and success stories in this complex environment."